Photo (top): Carine Lucchese Photo (bottom): Simon Bruntnell

Photo (top): Carine Lucchese
Photo (bottom): Simon Bruntnell

Handmade with love. Committed to craft.

I set up my studio in 2005 with the sole purpose of creating luxury glass for those who appreciate colour, pattern and texture and who, like me, enjoy the undeniable thrill of running their hands across a tactile glass surface. I am excited by the depth of colour in a thickness of glass and the dancing light across its surface. I strive for perfection in every piece, from the smallest trinket to the largest installation.

Every piece is lovingly handmade in my London studio and I am a strong believer that the skill of the craftsman in creating a durable high quality piece cannot be outsourced to others. I do not use cheap materials nor do I skimp attention to detail, despite having produced some of my designs in the thousands over the years. I have an artist’s eye and presentation is important to me, so my smaller gift items are packaged in elegant black trimmed giftboxes with Alex R branding.

I endeavour to source all my materials from the UK, and I buy and take delivery in bulk wherever possible to protect the environment from unnecessary pollution. I only ever use biodegradable voidfill to pack my orders unless I am recycling the packaging sent by my own suppliers, in which case I believe it’s better to use it than to bin it!

My clients and customers share my values and vision of craft as the creative process by which the heirlooms of the future are made.