Land and Water

0.96m2 in total

Leaded, kiln-formed glass

This pair of windows was commissioned for a grand newly built house in West Sussex. The designs are inspired by the views of the surrounding countryside, features of the local landscape and the clients’ love of horses.

Bespoke window panels
Private client, West Sussex

Modern Deco Door

1.15m2 in total

Leaded panel

The starting point for this design was the chevron motif familiar from the work of Frank Lloyd Wright which was a favourite of the client. This panel is a modern take on the Art Deco style to fit with the architecture of the 1930s house.

Bespoke door panel
Private client, Bromley

Glass Cross

5m high x 2m wide

Screenprinting, sandblasting

The client wanted the designs to be based on the motif of the pineapple, traditionally a symbol of welcome. The imagery becomes more abstract and ethereal as one ascends the building.

Eight architectural panels
Private client, London


630 x 300mm each

Leaded panels, acid etched

An abstract design based on the idea of a lotus flower being reflected in a pool of water, appropriate to its location in the client’s wetroom. Every piece was individually acid etched with delicate petal markings.

Wet room window
Private client, London NW1

Art Deco

1.7m2 in total

Leaded glass

An Eduoard Benedictus rug design from the 1920s was the starting point of this commission. The clients wanted these bathroom door panels to be made entirely in clear glass to suggests ripples in water.

Four door panels
Private client, London

Modern Door Panels

1.2m2 in total

Leaded glass

The clients wanted to bring light into their hallway with four glass panels in place of the solid wood door. The neo-Georgian architecture of the house lent itself to a geometric design with a graduation of shades.

Four door panels
Private client, London

Edwardian Panels

Various commissions

Leaded glass

These panels are all example of door and window panels that have been made to tie in with the style of neighbouring houses. Some designs have been enhanced and in all cases bespoke colour schemes have been decided with the clients.

Bespoke architectural panels
Private clients, London

Iris Panels

330 x 1040 mm each

Leaded, painted glass

The client wanted a front door panel showing irises with a colour scheme to match the blue tiles in her porch outside the door. Japanese water-colour paintings of irises were suggested as a stylistic source.

Two door panels
Private client, London