1050 x 950 x 160mm

Lightbox with fused glass

Commissioned for the National Hospital of Neurology in Queen Square London, this lightbox is an illuminated patchwork bringing together the stories of 25 patients I met during my residency there.

National Hospital of Neurology & Neurosurgery
London WC1

The Glass Garden

1560 x 2350 x 150mm

Kiln formed glass lightbox

A lightbox based on the theme of a glass garden made with Christchurch School, Chelsea. Workshops were run for each year to learn a different technique and every child in the school made a glass tile for the lightbox.

Christ Church School
London SW3


1700 x 1000mm

Screenprinted UV bonded

An artwork commissioned for the Radiotherapy Department of University College Hospital. Combining an innovative technique of UV bonding and screenprinted colour, the glass flourishes into colour as one moves past.

University College Hospital
London NW1

Past Present Future

700 x 300 x 80mm

Fused glass, wood frame

Commissioned in celebration of a significant birthday, this piece was required to make reference to the recipient’s rich cultural heritage and her network of friends. Each part of the triptych is double layered glass.

Bespoke lightbox
Private client, Cardiff


210 x 190 x 150mm

Kiln formed glass

Reminiscent in size and shape of a speaker and designed to be masculine in feel, this lightbox glows grid-like between the squares of fused glass which are embellished with black and gold lustres and various enamels.

Bespoke lightbox
Private collector, London


230 x 810 x 80mm

Kiln formed, leaded glass

When unlit, the fragmented border of this lightbox reflects ambient light at various angles creating a natural twinkling effect across the surface. This contrasts with the depth of colour in the peacock eyes which is most intense when lit.

Exhibition Lightbox
Personal collection


400 x 600 x 120mm

Kiln formed glass, box frame

A piece exploring the theme of motherhood using an extract from ‘A Woman’s Work’ by Rachel Cusk. The baby is made of layers of glass fused together. Tiny lights glow and fade within to suggest a new life.

Exhibition lightbox
Personal collection

I Remember Long Nights

600 x 600 x 100mm

Screenprinted glass

Conceived as a visual metaphor for hip hop, hundreds of lyrics have been screenprinted onto the glass. The interlacing of imagery, text and internal reflections between layers suggest the structure of this music.

Bespoke lightbox
Private collector, London