Thirty Pieces of Glass

300 x 280 x 310mm

Sandblasted Glass

This self-portrait in glass appears to be a solid, modelled object within the cube. However the head does not exist in three dimensions: it is actually a composite image across many glass layers and lit by LEDs.

Exhibition piece
Personal collection

Fears For My Love

22 pieces, 250mm diameter

Sandblasted mirror

This exhibition piece is based on 22 MRI brain scans made of my partner who was displaying symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. The scans were lost for a few weeks, but eventually found to reveal he was healthy.

Exhibition piece
Personal collection

Junction Between Then and Now

500mm diameter x 150mm

Water jet cut glass

This sculptural piece was made after working with a musician who had lost movement of one hand upon suffering a stroke. The sculptural form is based on the the pattern of tendons in the hand.

Exhibition piece
Private collector, London


400mm diameter

Kiln formed glass, LEDs

The final piece in a series of four, the interior wall of this glass sphere is lined with hundreds of glass extrusions, suggestive of a space within the body, while vascular threads crisscross the outer surface.

Exhibition piece
Personal collection

Sea of Tears

1200 x 600 x 100mm

Glass panels, wood

Displayed at the V&A museum, this triptych opens to reveal fifteen glass panels, lit from behind and each inscribed with textual references. The background is inscribed in gold and copper leaf with words that were taken from a personal letter.

Exhibition piece
Personal collection