The Dappy Project

8 panels, 500x500mm

Kiln formed glass in frames

An art project for DUCKs Infants school at Dulwich College for which I wrote the story of Dappy the Duck. I devised 8 art workshops for the children (aged 3-7) and I made 8 glass panels to illustrate the story.

London SE21


400 x 1000mm

Kiln formed glass in frame

These four panels hang independently in painted wooden frames and were made for an exhibition at the De Morgan Centre in Wandsworth. The background of each is inspired by the ceramics of William de Morgan.

Bespoke panels
Private client

Raes of Light

960 x1940mm

Fused glass blocks, mirror

Commissioned By Bromley Reform Synagogue and inspired by the ever changing cycle of nature, the design for this two metre high panel is based on the idea of light dappling through the trees in each of the four seasons.

Bromley Reform Synagogue
Greater London

Torso Male / Female

400mm x 900mm each

Kiln formed glass

These two companion pieces were created for the Era exhibition at the Cochrane Gallery where each artist showed work in ornate gilt frames. Each of the panels were created with thousands of glass beads.

Exhibition panels
Personal Collection

In Tumult’s Wake

600mm x 600mm

Fused glass bullions, mirror

This wall panel was made for the collection of Paintings in Hospitals. I wrote the poem in the background as a response to my experience of patients during my arts residency in the National Hospital of Neurology.

Paintings in Hospitals
London SE1

Family Lines


Screenprinted glass, wood

The visual coalescence of the facial profiles with the coloured stripes in this family portrait is a contemporary take on the nineteenth century taste for framed silhouettes hung against Regency Stripe wallpaper.

Bespoke Panel
Private Commission


600mm diameter

Kiln formed glass

This large disc wall piece has a concentric pattern of one hundred and fifty glass extrusions based on the principles of sacred geometry. The making of this piece involved an innovative slumping technique resulting in a deep relief surface.

Bespoke Piece
Private commission