St Nicholas Font

420mm diameter x 95mm

Kiln formed glass

This glass bowl was made for the font at St Nicholas Church at Radford Semele near Leamington Spa. The bowl is 15mm thick and is multi-layered with blue and green powders and areas of bubbles to suggest a swirling effect in the glass

St Nicholas Church
Radford Semele

Robert Burns Museum

10cm diameter each

Screenprinted glass

The Robert Burns Birthplace Museum commissioned me to create a set of dishes for their new shop based on the ‘Inspired’ Rose design which is the signature design for the Museum.

Robert Burns Museum
Ayrshire, Scotland

Glaziers Bowl

380mm diameter x 80mm

Sandblasted, lustred glass

A ceremonial bowl commissioned by the Worshipful Company of Glaziers which they acquired to give in lieu of rent. The Glaziers’ influence is depicted and the design reads as a narrative of my career since my Stevens Competition win.

Worshipful Co. of Glaziers
London SE1

National Gallery

10cm diameter each

Fused glass

A range of dishes and coasters was commissioned by the National Gallery to celebrate its exhibition “Corot to Monet: a fresh look at 19th Century landscapes”. I created 200 little works of art based on some of the Impressionist landscapes.

National Gallery
London WC2

Stroke Aphasia

580mm diameter x 120mm

Kiln formed glass

This piece came from a residency set up by the Alexandra Reinhardt Memorial Award and was based on one of the aphasic patients I met. Her stroke had affected her speech so that even simple sentences were impossible for her to complete.

Bespoke Bowl
ARMA, Oxford