Wrapping the show

After a successful fortnight showing our Designed | Crafted exhibition at Rivington Street, we finally wrapped the show last night and today had the unenviable task of also wrapping the work and packing away the plinths to clear the space. Usually the final clear up is a little sad, taking down all the lovely work and seeing the empty space.

However there was one thing which brightened our day considerably this time. We were sent the link to a video piece on the FT website which featured some footage of our show. In all the craziness of London Design Week I had almost forgotten that I met the producer of the piece last Tuesday and showed him around our exhibition while a cameraman filmed inside and outside the gallery!

The hour that they spent in our space, and asking about our work, was reduced down to about seven seconds…. in fact just about as long as one of good old Terence Conran’s pauses, but it made us very happy!

Check us out between 1:46 and 1:53


Praise Be!

StNicholas Font

I got the tip off that my work had briefly featured in Songs of Praise. This episode, Phoenix from the Ashes, partly focused on St Nicholas Church in Radford Semele which was rebuilt after being almost razed to the ground in an arson attack. The programme makers interviewed Emma Blount who made the beautiful leaded glass windows, but there was some brief footage of the glass font bowl that I made.

The section of the programme about St Nicholas Church starts from 6:30 and my glass appears briefly at 8:12 and 8:45