A Small Thing on the List

What a strange thing my life has become that I am juggling so many balls in the air so that something so huge and momentous has become another thing on the To Do list….


Yes, I was actually thinking:  send out Valentine’s orders… submit planning application to Lambeth… draw designs for door commission… give birth…

And so it was that in the morning of the 11th of February I drew tiling plans for the bathrooms for our builder, in the afternoon I lay in St Thomas’ Hospital taking a long and complicated phone call from Thames Water about the water reconnection at the new house (while a midwife was waiting patiently to induce me), and later that night I gave birth to our little boy Asa Theodore Powell!

And the next day I was back doing a site visit, discussing radiator covers and flooring…. this time with the baby on the outside of my body not the inside.