A Small Thing on the List

What a strange thing my life has become that I am juggling so many balls in the air so that something so huge and momentous has become another thing on the To Do list….


Yes, I was actually thinking:  send out Valentine’s orders… submit planning application to Lambeth… draw designs for door commission… give birth…

And so it was that in the morning of the 11th of February I drew tiling plans for the bathrooms for our builder, in the afternoon I lay in St Thomas’ Hospital taking a long and complicated phone call from Thames Water about the water reconnection at the new house (while a midwife was waiting patiently to induce me), and later that night I gave birth to our little boy Asa Theodore Powell!

And the next day I was back doing a site visit, discussing radiator covers and flooring…. this time with the baby on the outside of my body not the inside.

14 thoughts on “A Small Thing on the List

  1. Sally Dunnett says:

    OH ALEX! He is BEAUTIFUL! BIG Congratulations!
    I have nothing but admiration for the amount of stuff you continually do and achieve.
    Very best wishes for a wonderful future with your small thing and your new home.

  2. Cathy Lockwood says:

    Oh Alex, many many congratulations – your baby boy is beautiful – no wonder you have been
    Wanted to come on the bowl course but couldn\’t make it – hopefully the next one –
    I finally plucked up the courage to fire the kiln that I bought five years ago and it works!!! I just need to figure out how to use it properly.
    Remember the house???? I eventually painted a water colour for the lady and she was pleased – I think I will re use the glass and make a bowl. The one featured in the newsletter is indeed stunning – I aspire ……………………. all the best to you and your family Cathy Lockwood

  3. Sally Waters says:

    ….amazing woman !!!! Now I\’m not such a baby fan but Asa is a little stunner and what a beautiful photograph….Congratulations to you both !!

  4. Belinda Styles says:

    Congratulations Alex. That is lovely news it doesn\’t sound as though pregnancy and having a new born has slowed you down much!

  5. Linda Cain says:

    Alex, many congratulations on a beautiful, wonderful baby boy. Hope to see you again at West Dean. Happy Days x

  6. Jose Veiga-Pires says:

    Congratulations Alex, great to have you back…..you\’re a glass act. Judging from the photo this is undoubtedly your best work to date!!

  7. Jo Berryman says:

    How lovely, what a beautiful little boy, well done and many congratulations. The glass is wonderful too.

  8. Alex R says:

    Thank you all for your lovely comments… admin now tends to be done in the middle of the night, other than that it’s all good!

  9. Griselda Brook says:

    Alex: What wonderful news! I am so glad and happy for you. Such a delicious baby too. House moving and major renovations, glass in profusion – and a new baby. Anything else?!
    All good wishes.

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