Two Sunny Weekends in May

The weather has been unusually capricious Рyesterday there was bright morning sunshine, torrential rain at lunchtime, a warm sunny afternoon followed by a sudden spate of hailstones (!), and then a sunny but absolutely freezing cold evening. And it has been this changeable for the last two weeks, but somehow Рfor once Рthe Dulwich Open House event struck gold with two weekends of balmy summer sun.

My house looked gorgeous – even if I do say so myself! The walls were adorned with Charlotte Kessler’s exquisite paintings and my glasswork and until the art was up on the walls we hadn’t quite appreciated how well our work goes together.

Bees and butterflies had a strong presence in the house and our combined work created a very feminine spirit in the space, picking up on universal themes of love and nature.

Colour is very important to both of us, and it was wonderful to see how the colours seemed to reflect

On the second weekend I managed to get out and have a look at some of my neighbouring Open Houses. Read about them here

2 thoughts on “Two Sunny Weekends in May

  1. catherine rhys says:

    I have been informed that you teach in sessions in your house and was wondering how much it cost per person and for how long would each session take, or do you only do them in classes of a requisite number attending.
    I look forward to hearing from you soon
    kind regards

    • Alex R says:

      Hi Catherine, Yes I teach private courses for four students in my studio. I hold a beginner course which is two sessions from 10.30am-6pm or a workshop class for those with experience which is one session from 10.30am-6pm. Have a look on my Courses page for more details.

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