Studio Thoughts: Part I

Hello Herne Hill! I haven’t lived here since I left home twenty five years ago, save for a few months when we temporarily moved back to my parent’s home whilst buying my house. And now it is ten years later and I’ve just sold that house, so we are bookending the decade with another stint at my parents until the new house is ready to move into. Phew!

Goodness knows how long we will be here, as builders are often slower than they say they will be and there is the small issue of obtaining planning permission for various building works from Lambeth Council, which is not known for its competence or efficiency! So in the meantime I am making do with a small kiln and a cramped workspace in my parents’ garage.

I’ve gone from a lovely warm organised studio (left) to a freezing cold mess in my parents’ garage (right), but I keep telling myself it will all be worth it in the end.

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