Gala and Glaziers

Having back to back shows is never much fun, and with barely 24 hours between the end of Made London in Marylebone and the start of the Glaziers’ Fair in London Bridge there was barely time to catch my breath. However the second show was (thankfully) much smaller and required only a simple set up, albeit in the grand surroundings of the River Room at Glaziers’ Hall. It was lovely to watch the river rise and fall at London Bridge right outside the window and quite different to doing trade shows in anonymous event halls.

Unfortunately both shows were blighted by numerous phone calls from various estate agents and solicitors trying to agree the final terms of sale of my house and purchase of our new home…. it’s difficult to do a soft sell on passing customers while simultaneously getting into hardcore negotiations on the mobile!

So the gala evening, held on the first evening for the University of Oxford Alumni Network, was a welcome break from these complicated discussions to indulge in some canapes and sell some glass to the amassed alumni.

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