A Decade Late!

I finally finished a lightbox that I made for a wedding present for a friend and sent it off yesterday. Nothing unusual about that, as I like to make special customised glass pieces for my friends, except for the fact that my friend is celebrating her 10 year wedding anniversary…. yes, that’s right, this piece is literally a decade late!

I am mortified to admit that I started this lightbox back in 2004 while I was still at college, but I didn’t finish it in time for the wedding and it has been languishing in a drawer in my studio ever since! It was about time that I finished it so it finally got photographed and wrapped up yesterday. Happy anniversary, guys!


Samples Galore!


SamplesI have been busy making samples for a new commission which I am about to get started on. I just love making samples, and it’s a really important part of the creative process in working out the transition from a paper design or an idea in my head and into the full glassy reality! Sample making can be a bit like brainstorming in glass and sometimes I come up with inventive ways of doing things because the pressure is off and the name of the game is experimentation.

This also feeds into my teaching, both because I like to share my new techniques but sometimes the actual samples also make it into my teaching box.